OmnioFarm  by ​​​​​​​OMNIOLYTICS ("OMNI"- all, "IO"- input|output, "LYTICS"- analytics)

We are a tech start-up that use digital technologies to address challenges in the agriculture industry. With a focus on innovation, we partner with leading global technology, research and industry partners to develop solutions that have impact at scale.

We help farmers improve processes across the value-chain using innovative Cloud, IoT and AI technologies providing farmers with real-time production insights, enabling them to identify efficiency improvements, operational risks and predict performance anywhere at any time.

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Agriculture not only helps put food on our tables, it also helps create employment for thousands of people around the world.

Poultry is the arguably the most important meat product as it is the cheapest form of animal protein. Global consumption is continually increasing, especially in developing countries.

To make this most of this opportunity, we need to adopt sustainable and efficient poultry production practices.

Innovation provides tools

​​OmnioFarm provides the capability