Improving production efficiency, standards and cost reduction

Monitor farming conditions in real-time prompting notifications and actions when specific conditions are not met.
Use analytics to streamline processes to increase efficiency and reduce loss.

​​Real-time monitoring of farming conditions and activities

Prompts actions specified by predetermined conditions

Data analytics helps design and improve processes throughout the value chain

Integrate external context-based information

Early threat detection and reducing product loss

Monitor environmental conditions to identify risk symptoms, helping prevent threats at an early stage.
Integrate contextual information from external sources to allow more accurate reporting and forecasting.

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​​​​​​OMNIOLYTICS ("OMNI"- all, "IO"- input|output, "LYTICS"- analytics)

We are an independent technology startup operating in South Africa and the UK.

We help farmers improve processes from farm to fork using innovative sensor and data analytics technologies. Farmers have visibility into their operations with notifications and dashboards, giving them ability to respond to conditions in real-time anywhere around the world.

Our focus is to enable process efficiency and sustainable management of energy and resources. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) we help farmers achieve this.

Value chain collaboration and information sharing​

Analyse aggregated data to help forecast input requirements and outputs.
Share information with stakeholders on a common digital platform.