Omniolytics Ltd is a limited company registered in South Africa. Company Registration No. 2017/461548/07

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Our Vision

Our vision is straightforward: Use technology to have a positive impact on society. We use the innovative technologies to enable businesses to achieve higher success rates in a sustainable manner.

At Omniolytics our main focus is to help farmers operate more efficiently, reduce risks and their total cost of ownership. 4IR technologies helps make this possible. We partner with leading technology providers and research institutions to provide solutions that are tailored to specific business needs.

Michael Samson - Founder

People ask me whether new technology excites me... my response is that it's the positive impact that technology enables that really excites me. A longstanding career ICT has provided opportunities to help customers address a wide range of challenges . With roles in technology adoption and business development, has provided a fantastic platform to help deliver innovative solutions to businesses across SA and the UK.

Cloud, IoT and AI technologies are powering industries in adapting their business models to become more efficient, productive and mitigate risks.

At Omniolytics we have positioned ourselves to be part of this exciting evolution in enabling businesses to take full advantage of 4IR.